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If you are travelling in Moldova, you should definitely visit the city of Balti. This destination with name literally translated as… a swamp, surrounds its guests with a benevolent atmosphere of cosiness and comfort, once here you feel like home…

Visiting Balti, you seem to be travelling back to the recent past. Clean boulevards, spacious streets, artificial lakes abound in the city as an eternal human ode to the nature, and the Alley of Classics, architectural composition of the National Theatre as if transfer you into the Soviet era. But it is only at first glance, since the history of the city goes much deeper, breaking the barrier of various epochs for more than five centuries…

Its history dates back to 1421. In those days it belonged to Princess Mazowiecki, the spouse of the Moldavian ruler Alexander the Good. Repeatedly poorly fortified settlement was burned to the ground, but again and again it resurrected from ashes like a phoenix. In the period from the 16th to 18th century small village belonged to the Sultan of Turkey, and at the beginning of the 19th century, this part of Bessarabia came under Russian jurisdiction. By the way, this is where Alexander I received the good news of the birth of his heir, the future Emperor of the Russian Empire Alexander II, and to honour the momentous event, he assigned the status of town to the small village.

Located at the crossroads of Bessarabia major economic arteries, Balti gradually increased and turned into a large commercial centre. In the Soviet era, the city was famous for its industry, and in 1994, three years after the declaration of independence of Moldova, it was awarded the status of the municipality.

Today Balti considered to be the second capital of the state. Nestled on the banks of the Răut River, the city is full of water bodies: hilly terrains of Balti steppe are dotted with lakes named City, Komsomolsk and Kirpicoe. In spite of the small area, this city captivates with its beauty: green part of the settlement consisting of squares and city parks (Central, Victory, Andries), with open arms welcomes admirers of nature walks. In addition, Balti often hosts fairs and exhibitions, enticing visitors with national signature products: stalls groan with handicrafts, accessories, delicious specialities and drinks.


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